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    This book will inspire and empower you to move into action that will change your life for the better today, tomorrow, and all days to come.

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    As one of the premier Amazon #1 Best Sellers for 2023, this book is designed to encourage and empower you to grow in every area of life. You need to know that you have the power to navigate your journey and win!


    You have a responsibility to yourself to tap into the greatness inside of you to live your true expression of life. It is up to you to walk in your purpose, experience the lessons of life, and share your story as you empower yourself and others. It's time to step up and be the person that you are called to be. undefeated, unstoppable, and purpose-driven.

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    Dr. Lotus Riché

    Dr. Lotus Riche' is a highly requested empowerment speaker and mindset strategist, as well as a media personality and corporate CEO, whose global
    have reached and served 20 million people and counting.


    As CEO of Lotus Riché Ignites Life Coaching & Consulting, LLC, she cultivates strategies and training through exceptional video creations, thereby helping entrepreneurs sell their products and their services in a snap--worldwide.


    Dr. Riché is the Host of The Lotus Riché Ignites Show, which is one of three celebrated shows on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Apple TV, and
    Roku TV,
     along with other channels that contribute to her worldwide reach, 

    Dr. Riché is a highly sought-after Global Transformation Strategist, a Keynote, and 6X International Best-Selling Author, and she is a Guinness World Record holder. 



    A word from Dr. Lotus Riché

    CEO Lotus Riché Coaching & Consulting, LLC

    Being empowered starts within. This book will help you tap into your power and step into your purpose to empower your future.

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    Angela Elting

    Professional Speaker, Award Winning Author, and Guinness World Record Holder in 2020

    Dr. Riché is very brilliant in helping people overcome their fears, find their purpose in life and business and succeed to their very best selves. From zero to hero, Dr. Riché's encouraging words help me start my business and thrive.


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    Black Business Olympics

    Dr. Lotus Riché is one of the foremost moderators and presenters in connection with the Black Business Olympics and Black Business Network. Join her on January 21, 2023, at 7 pm EST where she will be speaking to millions about the Power Of Video and Your Brand
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